The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated what women’s rights movements have been denouncing for decades: the intersecting violations and deepening crisis inherent to a patriarchal, racist, colonial and capitalist system that has relegated the well-being of women and their communities behind perpetual pursuit of profit and short-term gain.

Women who are already structurally excluded and marginalised felt the impact of that. Women of colour, women from LGBTI communities, rural and urban poor women, Indigenous groups, refugees and migrants, and already marginalised groups felt the impact much more at one level. International Women’s Day is a day when women over generations have risen up and protested, putting their lives at risk to defend their human rights and fundamental freedoms. We honour that history, reclaim the day and revive women’s collective power to demand our human rights.

This year on the International Women’s Day we are showcasing women’s collective power during the time of pandemic through different forms of artivism in the digital gallery below.