Violence and Harassment Against Women in the World of Work: What is next after the adoption of the Convention 190 of the ILO

Women and ESCR working group
When 19 Nov, 2019
Ends 19 Nov, 2019
Where Webinar

This webinar will bring together women workers with women’s rights organizations to discuss the recently adopted ILO Convention 190 and Recommendation 206 on Ending Violence and Harassment against Men and Women in the World of Work. The webinar will summarize the provisions and obligations detailed in these instruments, with a particular focus on what they could mean in practice for women workers, attentive to those with intersecting identities and from groups in situations of vulnerability. In addition, we will discuss openings for collective work, including next steps around these instruments (ratification and implementation), as well as existing and upcoming opportunities for organizing and collective advocacy and campaigning, including the ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence’ global campaign and the Women´s Global Strike.

Key questions
• What are ILO Convention 190 and Recommendation 206 on the elimination of violence and harassment
in the world of work? What are its strengths and weaknesses?
• Why are these instruments important to women´s rights? How may it be utilized to protect women with
intersecting identities and marginalized groups? How can we ensure that implementation meets feminist
• What are the next steps and challenges following the adoption of these instruments?
• What are the openings for engagement and further collective action?

 The webinar would ideally have representation from different regions, aiming at about 5 speakers.

The final date is to be announced (November 19 or 20. 2019).