The Time is Now! ΕΙΝΑΙ Η ΩΡΑ

Women of Cyprus, join us in a one-hour strike,
It’s time to take action and show solidarity
We call on Cyprus women to simply stop working, whether at home or in the workplace for one hour. We will step outside and claim the public space, standing side-by-side as our absence is felt in our everyday places of duty.
This hour-long protest against women’s inequality is open to all women in Cyprus, whether they have government jobs, teach or study, do care work, work in the public sector, or across business, industry, media or civil society, who also carry out unpaid, domestic labour. We will all stop for one hour to send a message loud and clear to the rest of society and the state.
This is the first organised effort for women from all walks of life to come together and make the following demands:
- An end to all forms of violence against women and girls
- Gender equality in power and decision-making
- Equality for women in the workplace
- No more gender stereotypes and sexism
- Legal reform to end gender inequality and discrimination
We must step out of line. We must break the chain of violence and inequality. If we make up half the population, we should not settle for half of our rights.
Our aim is to bring our rights to the forefront, to place women’s inequality and discrimination at the core of public and political discourse. To encourage society to understand and acknowledge the link between women’s equality and economic development, social cohesion, substantive democracy and accountability. To acknowledge the wider social harm that takes place when a society perpetrates violence against women and girls.
We say, the time is now for change.
#TheTimeIsNow #ΕίναιΗώρα
Είναι η ώρα
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