The Future of Work is Feminist: Visions and Practices for the World of Work that we Want

Women and ESCR Working Group
When 1 Mar, 2020
Ends 1 Mar, 2019
Where Webinar

The future of work is feminist and it is already being imagined and created via the many ways in which people, communities and movements live, struggle and build solidarity. In this webinar, we will imagine how a world of work free from exploitation and discrimination against women would be, what a feminist world of work would look like. We will build on the prior webinars to re-imagine women´s realities and build our shared vision of a feminist future of work for women. We will discuss visions and practices of women in the world of work; be inspired by the organizing of different struggles and their gains around the world; and identify key challenges ahead, including rising corporate power, the digital economy, unpaid care work, climate justice/feminist just transitions, and much more. This webinar will be part of both the WESCR WG webinar series and AWID´s “Join us in this journey towards the AWID Forum 2020”, to focus on The Power of Feminist Realities

The webinar would ideally have representation from different regions, aiming at about 5 speakers.

The final date is to be announced.