March voor women’s rights

Collecti.e.f 8 Maars
When 8 Mar, 2020
Time 1:00 م
Where Gent, Belgium

Ghent will turn purple with our March for women’s rights. We start @ Veerleplein at 13h and End in front of City Hall where we have interesting women’s speakers and artist on our stage.

March for women’s rights on 8th of March 2020.

The economy works because women do.

Sexism and discrimination is a daily issue for women. The economy exploits women and girls. Around the world women are spending 12.5 billion hours a day at work that isn’t paid. This includes cleaning, childcare, helping a neighbour, taking care of their parents,… Not everybody has the money to leave these tasks up to paid forces. These tasks are expected to be done by women. Because they are women. This limits women access to political participation, formal education and waged labour.

Women are working low paying jobs, with irregular hours, which often only offer part-time jobs, such as health care, distribution, cleaning. Women face discrimination in the labour market, leaving them more susceptible to poverty. And none are hit harder than single mothers.

Social prejudices, the way women are looked at and the less powerful position they have in our society cause a lot of violence against women and girls. Violence that frequently goes unpunished. One in three women will be the victim of physical, emotional or sexual violence in her lifetime. This violence disrupts our society and absolutely needs to be stopped.

But there is also hope. Resistance is growing. In Chili, Argentina, Spain, Iceland, the US,… women are gathering on the streets to fight back against antisocial budget cuts.

Collecti.e.f 8 Maars will join the strike on 8th (and 9th) of March. The economy works because women do.

In Ghent we’re planning a fierce march through the city at 1pm. It will end at city hall with a program filled with inspiration and music. Stay tuned for updates.